ARTISTS INTERVIEW: Caterina (Click to see more!)

This is the last episode of artists interview. (Says what?!)
So get ready for the grand finale! Welcome the other background artist, Caterina! Make sure to check her DA too!

Q: Question
A: Artist
E: Editor Shawn

Q: What’s your job/work/project before Nyankie?

A: Before Nyankies I was casting assistant, grape harvester, character designer and concept artist. I have been also background artist for other anime projects!
E: Life is full of adventures!

Q: What did you think or feel when first saw the e-mail we send you? Exciting? Suspicious?

A: I was obviously excited!
E: You did 😉

Q: Have you ever participate in animation/anime works? What do you think about animation/anime works?

A: Yes, I have! I personally think that working for anime is really challenging, but it helped me a lot to improve as artist.
E: It surely is a challenge. We all learn a lot.

Q: What do you think about your works in this project?

A: I think that for me it’s a honor to be part of this project with my works!
E: Thank you, it’s an honor for us, too.

Q: While working on the works for Nyankies, did you have any special experience want to share?

A: I lost many hours of sleep. lol
E: We all did. LOL

Q: While working for Nyankies, did you have other works? How about them?

A: Yes, I had other side projects to work on, but I cannot talk about them. I’m sorry!
E: When it’s published, give us a sound!

Q: It’s been awhile since EP1 finished. What projects you are working on right now? Would you like to share it?

A: Right now, I am working only on personal projects. Don’t worry, I will share them when they are ready!
E: You know the answer! 😉

Q: Anything else you want to share with everyone?

A: Hope you enjoy Nyankies De Future! =)
E: Thank you!