ARTISTS INTERVIEW: Emilie V.F (Click to see more!)

Have you heard of that? Today we have one of our background artists Emilie V.F here to share her experience! She is a great video game concept artist, don’t forget to check her works out!

Q: Question
A: Artist
E: Editor Shawn

Q: What’s your job/work/project before Nyankie?

A: freelance concept artist

Q: What did you think or feel when first saw the e-mail we send you? Exciting? Suspicious?

A: Both, suspicious because the email address, no company domain name.
E: We have our email box, it’s But I forget the password too often! That is why I prefer my own mail… MY BAD~~~ *run away

Q: Have you ever participate in animation/anime works? What do you think about animation/anime works?

A: never participated. I really like animation/anime
E: You are not the only one, no problem!

Q: What do you think about your works in this project?

A: It was good training to match the main artist colors
E: It’s a good training for everyone.

Q: While working on the works for Nyankies, did you have any special experience want to share?

A: Mr Shawn is really awesome to interact with.
E: Thank you, I’m flattered *blush

Q: While working for Nyankies, did you have other works? How about them?

A: yes, for a game application.
E: Video games are fun! 🙂

Q: It’s been awhile since EP1 finished. What projects you are working on right now? Would you like to share it?

A: Nothing for now… projects coming up 🙂
E: Give us a call when it’s out!

Q: Anything else you want to share with everyone?

A: Nyankies de future is a very promising anime series, with awesome characters and a very original planet. I had fun watching episode 1, and look forward to episode 2 🙂
E: Thank you!