ARTISTS INTERVIEW: Whitefer (Click to see more!)

It’s gossip time again! Today we have our lead background artist e! She designed the color of the world of Planet Nyankie! Let’s see what she thinks about this project!

Q: Question
A: Artist
E: Editor Shawn





Q: What’s your job/work/project before Nyankie?

A: Comic and Children book covers.

Q: What did you think or feel when first saw the e-mail we send you? Exciting? Suspicious?

A: Very Exciting.
E: Me too!

Q: Have you ever participate in animation/anime works? What do you think about animation/anime works?

A: Yes a couple of times and it’s a great experience!
E: I watched it! I have a friend in that company, too! 🙂

Q: What do you think about your works in this project?

A: I’m happy with the results, I learn a lot.
E: We learn from you, even more, thank you!

Q: While working on the works for Nyankies, did you have any special experience want to share?

A: I had a great time working with the linearts and I really was excited to see the next design, I really love that style.
E: We tried our best 🙂

Q: While working for Nyankies, did you have other works? How about them?

A: Yes, I’m a digital art teacher and I like share the things I learn.
E: No wonder the instructions are so easy to understand!

Q: It’s been awhile since EP1 finished. What projects you are working on right now? Would you like to share it?

A: I’m currently working on a comic book and Character color design for an Animation Project.
E: Wow! Can’t wait to see!

Q: Anything else you want to share with everyone?

A: Thank you for everything, I really enjoyed the project and I wish you all the success.
E: Thank you, too! 🙂