ARTISTS INTERVIEW: Zinkase(Click to see more!)

We all like behind the scene and gossips don’t we? That’s why we created a list of questions for the artists to share with everyone! Want to know what they think during the making of the film? Today we have Character designer Zinkase! He also designed our LOGO and Posters!

Q: Question
A: Artist
E: Editor Shawn

Q: What’s your job/work/project before Nyankie?

A: Concept artist freelancer

Q:What did you think or feel when first saw the e-mail we send you? Exciting? Suspicious?

A: Dream come true! I always wanted to work on an anime project! 😀

Q:Have you ever participate in animation/anime works? What do you think about animation/anime works?

A: I’ve worked before on animation industry as a character designer. And I love it 🙂
E: We are happy to have your help!

Q: What do you think about your works in this project?

A: It was a great opportunity for me to redesign all these cool characters! It was a great feeling when I saw them alive.
E: You made them better and cooler! When I saw them moving, I had the same feelings, too 🙂

Q: While working on the works for Nyankies, did you have any special experience want to share?

A: It was interesting to learn how to prepare model sheets with the information of the shadows for cel shading style. I’ve never did this before!
E: It’s also a new challenge for me to explain it in English.  Glad it turns out well!

Q: While working for Nyankies, did you have other works? How about them?

A: I was working on other commissions, for video games mostly 🙂
E: We downloaded your previous game 😉 *blink

Q: It’s been awhile since EP1 finished. What projects you are working on right now? Would you like to share it?

A: I’ve recently started my own indie game company Herobeat Studios, and we are developing Endling. It’s about the last fox on Earth and her little cubs trying to survive on a world ravaged by humans. Check it out! 🙂
E: Go check it out! I’m a lover of wasteland type of games, so many topics can be discussed!

Q:Anything else you want to share with everyone?

A:Thanks again for this cool opportunity! I really enjoyed working on Nyankies and I can’t wait to watch more episodes!
E: Thank you, too! It’s a wonderful experience working with you!